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TOLL FREE: 800.383.4712

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I have answered each question truthfully and have Not withheld any information relevant to this job application. I understand that I can be immediately discharged at anytime for any misrepresentations or omissions of facts in this application. I authorize WONDERLAND AMUSEMENT PARK through its agencies to investigate my background and authorize all persons, schools, companies, and law enforcement agencies to release all information concerning my background and suitability for employment. I further release them from any liability or claim of any sort for providing background information on me. I hereby release WONDERLAND AMUSEMENT PARK, its employees, agents, officers, shareholders, directors and others connected with investigating my background, including the investigation company retained by WONDERLAND AMUSEMENT PARK to assist them in this process, from any liability or claim arising from investigating and gathering any background information on me or otherwise verifying the information on this application. Further, I understand this application is Not a contract of employment and that if employed, my employment will be for No definite period of time. I realize that employment is “at will” and I may resign at any time for any reason, and I agree that WONDERLAND AMUSEMENT PARK may discharge me at any time for any reason. I agree to abide by all policies and practices of WONDERLAND AMUSEMENT PARK if hired. I grant WONDERLAND AMUSEMENT PARK the right to photograph and use my likeness for advertising or publicity purpose. If you choose not to submit the application online you are welcome to print it and bring it to the office from 2:00-5:00pm Tuesday through Friday.