Wonderland’s Consignment Ticket Program is designed specifically for companies and organizations that desire to offer its people special benefits.  This is especially useful to groups who, due to their operations, are unable to come to Wonderland on one specific date as a group. Your group will enjoy both the convenience and substantial savings of purchasing tickets in advance.


The ticket includes all rides in Wonderland, except the Texas Tornado, Drop of Fear, and Fantastic Journey.  Consignment Tickets are good for any Saturday or Sunday from April through Labor Day from 1PM – Close.  Consignment Tickets may also be used during the weeknights when Wonderland is open.  In the summer our hours are Tuesday – Thursday 7 PM – 10PM; Friday 5PM – 10PM; and Saturday – Sunday 1 PM – 10 PM.

A Simple, Cost-Free Benefit for Your Employees and Members!

Tickets are available on a consignment basis with a minimum sale of 15 Tickets.  The minimum number of tickets to check out at one time is 50, and the maximum tickets is 300.  Participating companies pay monthly for tickets that have been sold.

Unsold tickets at the end of the parks season are returned to Wonderland Park by September 15.  Participating companies may elect to retain unsold tickets for sale over the winter or for employee reward gifts.

Final balance due to Wonderland is based on the number of tickets issued during the season minus any unused tickets returned. Participating companies are responsible for all money due on all tickets not returned to Wonderland.  Final Payment is due no later than October 15.

REMEMBER--Passes also make excellent incentive gifts for: 

• Safety Rewards

• Outstanding Performance   
• Good Attendance

• Quality Control